Sandream Sandream

Sandream This is an action + collection adventure game, with a sand painting background style, which gradually shows Ella's journey of growth and transformation.

Elta7 Elta7

Elta7 The game is played by roguelike + demon city. It designs many operations such as weapons, equipment, chip buff, a variety of secondary weapons, weapon protection bonus and upgrade. The main weapons, secondary weapons and long-range weapons are freely combined, with complex and diverse terrain and fierce Skynet enemy.

Half Wing Half Wing

Half Wing Rita and her parents lived happily in the spirit family, but the demons invaded the spirit family. Rita survived, but her wings were badly damaged. With the help of spirit elders, eagle and her friends, Rita continues to learn skills and magic, and embarks on the journey of seeking the truth.

Devil Edge Devil Edge

Devil EdgeThe magic scriptures of that year had been lost for a long time. After the world was in a short period of peace, the dark demon world rose again. As the successor of the magic gate, Leo fight against the demon army. He looked for clues in the devil's land, became stronger and stronger in battle after battle, and finally facing the Dark Lord.

Candy Shake Cup Candy Shake Cup(Free)

Candy Shake Cup(Free) Free,unique and interesting game more than Candy Crush Saga, click to burst candies in cup, shake the phone all candies will dance and rearrange. Hundreds of levels, gameplay novel, variety of level design, snowballs, birds,greedy candies,spider,etc. many exciting designs. Free to play, can't stop at all!

speedfighter SpeedFighter

SpeedFighterHaven't you played the arcade shooting game for a long time? Speed and fighting, survive or death? just now, shooting at the outer space in the future. This is an exquisite high difficulty shooting game. good luck and do the best.

真彩街机(彩京1945) RealFighter

The wonderful fighter game in iOS. What are you waiting for? Game now!


HolderHolder is an application that combines time management, clockin, goal planning, chart statistics, diary, and time capsules. It is powerful and simple to operate. With time management and powerful timetable and calendar viewing.

  • Requirements: Android phone / pad.
  • Google Play: Holder

寻找阳光 FindSunshine

Find the sunshine for your flowers, via different mirrors reflect the sunshine to the flower, make all flowers opening, then you win the game. Puzzle and pleasure, 50 missions, enjoy it!

雷电3 Thunder3

The wonderful fighter game in iOS. You can play this game online with your friends by bluetooth between iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. What are you waiting for? Game now!

星际怒火 StarFire

Speed and fighting, survive or death? just now, shooting at the outer space in the future. This is a perfect flight shooting game. good luck and do the best.

手指吉米 Finger Jim

Press your one or more fingers on the screen, help the Jim to get to the target. it is unique and creative game, watching Jim on your one or more fingers, the more fun experience of fingers dancing, come on!

X3000 X3000

In the 3000 year, face to the alien invasion, x3000 fighters started the fight with the alien enemy. Has speed, power and confidence, you are the winner at last.
This is a perfect horizontal fly shooting game, you can select the fly direction to left or right by your hobby, double tap the screen to release bomb. good luck and do the best.

极酷投篮机 CoolShot

It is a very cool game for basketball shoting on iphone, it simulate the shoting of basketball shot machine on the street truly, and you can get the felling to shot on normal mode or night mode, just enjoy it.